Macho Nachos

Who doesn't love Nachos? This recipe is so simple and tasty. Your friends and family will love this as a meal or appetizer. Enjoy!

Holly’s Chex Chews

Some refer to this as Christmas Crack. We like to call it Holly's Chex Chews. This is a favorite at our house and any party. Enjoy!

Snake Breadsticks

Perfect pair with our Frankenstein brains! You will love these for your Halloween party!

Frankenstein Twinkie Pops

These are so cute! You will love this and it's so simple to make. Enjoy!

Halloween Edible “Guts”

This is my new all-time favorite item to make for our Halloween party! You will love this and it's so simple to make. Enjoy!

Poison Candied Apples

These are so fun to make and so appealing to the eye. This is a definite favorite for the yearly witch! :)

Eye Pie

Your family will love this fun dessert for Halloween. These are simple to make and oh, the possibilities!!! Enjoy!

Hand Pies with Eye Center

What a fun and scary treat for your Halloween Dinner. Easy to make and fun to eat. Enjoy!

Dirt Cups

These are a kid's favorite dessert. Let them make their own and see how happy it makes them. Enjoy!

Realistic Edible Worms

Realistic edible worms - what a great way to make any Halloween party more disturbing!