Keeping it Real – Meet the King Girls

Keeping up with the Kings is no easy task. We started out with 8 kids, but our family continues to grow more each year. With so many mouths to feed, people to clothe, houses to clean, etc., we needed a place to put it all together. This site was originally intended for just our family, but we have expanded it to include yours. We hope you will enjoy our ideas for recipes, crafts, household, lifestyle, activities, etc., and are able to use them in your own homes. Check back frequently as we strive to add new content often. Welcome to our family!


We decided to put this site together because we had so much information from so many family members and needed a place to put it all together in a place for us all to share. We hope you will feel comfortable here and welcome to use those thoughts, ideas, etc. that we have gathered over the years. We have a tremendously large network of family and friends and we are so grateful for everyone’s input. Hopefully, you will have a chance to get to know a little bit about these amazing people and be able to see the wonderful resource they are in so many ways. We have been blessed with such talented and wonderful friends and family. Thank you all for your exemplary examples to me and our family. I hope you will all be pleased with the outcome of this site and come back often to see the ever-changing content.