Submitted by:  Irene Gammell

Raspberry Jello Cottage Cheese Salad

As a child, I absolutely loved this salad. It's strange to think of cottage cheese and jello together, but the way this whole thing comes together……YUM! This is super easy to make and so versatile with different flavors of jello and fruit. Enjoy!

  • 1-24oz. container cottage cheese
  • 1-12oz. container whipped topping ((Cool Whip))
  • 1-3.4oz. package raspberry jello mix
  • 1-2 cups raspberries
  1. Mix cottage cheese and whipped topping together. Add jello and mix together. Fold in the raspberries. (I also like to add bananas or mini marshmallows). Chill in refrigerator.

  2. You can make this jello salad with any fruit you would like. It is also good with mandarin oranges and orange jello. ***I have also used raspberry canned pie filling in place of the raspberries. Yum!

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