Kalua Pork

This is so simple to make that I almost feel embarrassed even putting it on the site, but my family loves this and we have this each year at our family luau. Pair this with our macaroni salad, rice, pani popo and fruit and you have your self the makings of a perfect luau meal. Hey, don't forget the Asian Hawaiian Chicken too. Your guests are going to be so happy!

  • 1 large pork shoulder roast (or other roast, as desired)
  • 1 or 2 bottles liquid smoke
  • coarse salt
  1. The secret to making this and having it fall apart is to let it cook for a long time at a low temperature. I have made this in my crockpot and also in the oven. So far, I have loved the oven the very best. Take the roast and press a generous amount of salt all over the roast. Place in deep pan to catch the drippings. Pour the liquid smoke over roast. Cover tightly with tinfoil. Bake for a minimum of 5 hours at 325 degrees. Pork must be at least 145 degrees. Remove from oven. Shred pork and remove fat. Reserve a bit of the drippings to mix back in with the pork to keep moist. I like to move mine to a crock pot on warm at this point before serving. I also love to serve mine with a side of the Panda Express Teriyaki sauce…optional. Serve with rice.

  2. You can also cook this in the crockpot on low for about 8-10 hours.

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