Why make a site when there are so many recipes on

Pinterest and other social media?

Long before social media and Pinterest became a thing, I was collecting recipes from family and friends. Back then, we didn’t have the luxury of having a craving and just looking up a recipe on our phones. Food porn didn’t exist. We searched and collected; passed down and got creative. We literally had to work a little harder at being good cooks. It was a talent that needed constant refinement. That’s not to say we still don’t have to work at refining our cooking skills today. Heck!   I am working on mine constantly, especially since making this website, but gratefully we have so many more resources at our hands at any given moment.


So why make this site? Why put so much time and effort into making so much food, taking pics, managing social media, paying for apps and websites, etc.? I have a pretty simple reason. What started out as a family cookbook began to materialize into “the modern age”. I have over 500+ recipes passed down from family and friends. That does not count the other recipes that have been passed down to those family and friends that are surfacing constantly. That would be a huge cookbook and also an ever-changing cookbook. I needed to find a way that I could get all this info to all my family members. I come from a huge family. You can imagine the difficulty it would be to make sure everyone got a book; not to mention the expense.

But, really, this is what made it all happen.


Quite a few years ago, I started a website called, “Inheritance Recipes”. I started entering in all my recipes without pics, of course. It was a huge undertaking and I was so naïve with it all. The task was daunting at most. About that same time, I got pretty sick. My family was changing and growing. It was a pretty chaotic time. I got a tumor and ended up with some complications. It started a whirlwind of change. I was in bed for a few months. My health continued to spiral.


Because I was spending so much time in bed, I decided to use that time to work on a cookbook with all the recipes I had collected. I began to contact my family and request their favorite recipes. Recipes started coming in. My book was coming together, but once again, I became distracted.


I had new grandbabies, very active kids still at home, doing homeschool for one of my kids, and to top it all off, started back to college to get my degree —all the while making cupcakes and decorating cakes on the side. But, my health continued to decline.


The clencher came when one day I could barely walk. My feet were killing me. I was in so much pain. I went to the doctor and got scans, which revealed 3 broken bones in one foot and 2 in the other. I had been living my life barefoot and in the kitchen. Haha! No, seriously, I think that is what had done it. I have this gorgeous travertine tile floor and during all this time making cakes and cupcakes, barefoot on this floor, I had developed these fractures. They put me in boots. But, it didn’t just end there.

I had been suffering from some chronic pain for years. I suffered with constant suicide migraines. I was miserable.


I was on so many pain meds, but they wouldn’t even touch the pain. Things got so bad, I couldn’t even reach out to grab a bottle of water off the table next to me. I didn’t have insurance and couldn’t push too hard to find out what was wrong. I needed to go get some tests done, but couldn’t afford them at the time and honestly had given up hope. I was beginning to think I was a psycho mess. It was about this time that my sister showed up to my home. I will never forget that day. She literally saved me. She was getting ready to leave and handed me a check. She told me to go get my tests and get better. She was an answer to my prayers. My tests revealed a disease called Syringomyelia. This is a complicated disease in and of itself, but then I was also diagnosed with a myriad of other disorders, including arthritis and autoimmune disease. I was falling fast. Medication wasn’t touching me. My new specialist told me that I was literally dying inside. He told my husband and I that I am dying.


Now, can you imagine receiving that news? Can you imagine being told that you are dying and that the best that can be done is lots of medication and keeping you comfortable while you do it? I fell and I fell hard. Not only was I in constant pain taking so many meds, but, I fell into a pit of despair that I thought I would never get out of. I was confined to my bed. My husband would bring me food twice a day. Sometimes I couldn’t even get to the bathroom by myself. I slept…A LOT. Honestly, to this day, I have no idea how I even functioned once in awhile with all the medication I was on. I pretty much slept for 3 years. (I can’t even begin to tell you the feelings that are surfacing right now L)


My family was suffering because of me. I could see it and feel it. They were hurt and upset. They didn’t understand and some of them refused to believe what was really happening. I was alienated from them, and them from me. I had come to a point in which I prayed that God would just let me die so that I could stop hurting them and letting them down. I knew some of them were angry. Others pretended it wasn’t happening and I wasn’t there. I was invisible. It was a whirlwind of feelings. My poor family. I really felt they were better off without me even there. What a mess.


Honestly, and truly, the ONLY thing that kept me going at that time, was my kids and grandkids. They literally saved my life. (Bawling) Those times in which they would crawl up in bed beside me and just lay there letting me smell their sweet smells of childhood and hearing their little voices tell me all about their day is what made me finally stand up and fight. I could either take this whole dying thing lying down, or I could get up and do something about it. I chose the latter. It took a long while and I had to come off of some numerous heavy-duty drugs to do it, but little by little I am making my way to living again. Does this mean that I am no longer sick or in pain? Absolutely not. I fight this every single day of my life. But, my family has literally given me the reason to fight. I do not want to miss anymore of their lives. I could go on forever on this. The value of learning you are dying is sometimes what makes you start living.


So, to answer the question of why am I doing this? It’s simple. In coming close to dying, I wanted to leave behind something for my family to remember me by. This is my legacy…..and also the legacy of my family members who are attached to me; and those that have gone before me who have shaped my time in the kitchen. For the most part, these are the recipes I have collected for over 30+ years…all from family and friends. There are a bajillion recipes just on Pinterest alone, but only these recipes hold part of their lives. These recipes hold the tastes and memories of home and the dinner table. They hold memories of my children talking with me about their day, heartaches, and doing homework while I make dinner or them learning to cook themselves. They bring to the heart memories of family parties and get-togethers. This is their life, not just recipes. This is their inheritance and one of the legacies I hope to pass down.

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