Cookie Day!

Cookie day kind of just happened to materialize all by itself.  It was never something planned–it just happened and became official when my oldest was in 6th grade.  At that time, we had 6 children.  We moved our family to the sticks and lived about 20 miles away from their school classmates and friends.  Because of this, my kids were given specific days in which they could have friends over.  The best day for friends was Friday, because this usually meant there was a good chance that friend was going to be able to have a sleepover.  

I was a clean freak back then and worked very hard each Friday to have my house deep-cleaned, as well as myself ready for the day, by the time I picked the kids up from school.  It was the best feeling to bring them home on Fridays with their friends.  My house was clean, I was ready for the day, they were happy playing……and I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Seriously.  I know it doesn’t make sense.  What person with so many children–or children at all–doesn’t just crave those moments of seclusion?

The thing is, I wasn’t really secluded or alone.  I still had babies…..for years.  I couldn’t even think of doing something . The kids and their friends would come in the kitchen begging for snacks and drinks.  I was all over the place trying to make them all happy.  Pretty soon, I caught on that maybe I should just make a big ol’ batch of cookies.  That is usually a crowd pleaser and I wouldn’t have to make so many different things.  So, began our tradition.  Eventually, I even got a lot smarter and even worked to have the dough ready by the time we got home from pickup so I could just pop them in the oven and the kids would have warm cookies and milk.

Now, before we get too far into this blog, I have to tell you that I was not perfect with this goal.  In fact, as my kids got older and we got two more, it got harder and harder to do.  There was just so many responsibilities calling my name.  But, it’s funny because most of them think it was this way every single week as they grew up.  They don’t remember the days I didn’t make cookies, or bought the kind that comes in dough and you just pop in the oven.  They don’t remember the store bought kind.  They just remember that Friday was cookie day; the day of friends, possible sleepovers and cookies.

We have had so many kids coming to my home to have cookie day over the years.  For awhile there, I even tried to do it with my grandkids.  I love to see the chocolate smiles on their faces or to watch them dipping their cookies in milk while it dripped down their little hands. I loved to hear their sounds of yum and mmm.  I love it when they finally say they are full, and with a quick thank you, run off to play.  I have fond memories of children telling me how much they loved their cookies and could they “have some to take home to my mom and dad”.  I sent lots of cookies home in baggies.

One of my most favorite memories happened about 2 years ago.  My teenage son brought home a couple of his friends.  That day he brought home a friend who had only been to my house a couple of times.  This 16 year old boy tasted my homemade chocolate chip cookies for his first time that day.  I have never seen a boy go through so many cookies (and that is saying a lot).  He kept thanking me and telling me how much he loved them.  He didn’t get this type of food at home.  He wanted some to take home and eat later.  From then on, he would constantly ask my son to “please ask your mom to make those cookies for me”.  Eventually, I made him a big batch after bartering with him in their team winning a particular game .

So, why am I writing about this?  It’s because of this; people gain emotional attachments to food.  How many foods do you eat that bring back memories of home and childhood or good times with friends or family.  Food is an important part of family and something I will write more on in another post.  Sometimes you may think that you are just going through the motions of feeding your family and trying to make everybody happy.  This can be overwhelming and at times, you may feel very unappreciated.  But, something done consistently enough and associated with fond memories, can instill in others a sense of comfort and security.  It wasn’t the cookies that were the best part of Cookie Friday!  It was the fact that we made it into being such a tradition.  They came to associate cookies with one of the most favorite days of the week.  Yours may be that green bean casserole, your chocolate cake, pies, whatever..  but, I guarantee you, your family and friends are all going to have that one special food they remember you or home by.  So, keep up the good work!  You matter and you are appreciated.

P.S.  Here is the link to the chocolate chip cookies everyone loved the most. 

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy!

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