Hello, my name is Sheri King.  I just wanted to take a minute and tell you more about myself. I have been a stay at home mom for most of my 30+ year marriage. I have been very fortunate in that aspect. I have raised 8 amazing children. As of this date, I have 4 more son-in-laws and an awesome daughter-in-law. We are expecting our 8th grandchild this year. Our family is growing like crazy now. I come from a very large family, myself. This site is dedicated to all of them. Most of the recipes you will find come from my family. The last count, I had over 500 recipes from just family alone. This is an amazing feat. I have only just begun to gather the many heirloom recipes from family and friends. I am excited to continue the search for more family favorites. This is just one of the aspects of our site.

Many people are amazed at me raising such a large family and I get a lot of questions. I hope to share with you valuable insight and ideas of what did and didn’t work for me.   I plan to include information about food preparation, cleaning, organizing, parenting, food storage, etc. that has worked for us. We’ve only just begun. My family is my greatest blessing and I have invested my entire life in them. Hopefully, some of what I have learned through the years can be used to help someone else in raising their own crew.

I am excited to get my girls more involved in the site as time goes by. A few of them now have their own families and they are a valuable resource of information. They are so talented in such things as: home, décor, fashion, fitness, crafting, cooking, food prep, exercise, etc. As time goes on, you will get to know more about them and they will be posting on a more regular basis.

Please contact us with any suggestions or concerns. We truly desire this site to be a wonderful resource for all who visit our page.

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